Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

What are your Mini Bernedoodles Health and Grooming Needs?

Bernedoodles are an adorable mix of the Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. They are a very robust dog breed and suitable for all types of families.Today we’re going to talk about Mini Bernedoodles, the ones that are smaller in size. Let’s look at what specific needs Mini Bernedoodles have when it comes to general wellness and keeping them groomed.

Grooming Tips for Mini Bernedoodles
Do you have to brush them regularly?

Short answer, yes. Bernedoodles need their routine brushing from their owners.  Their coat can get matted if you don’t maintain it properly. You need to brush a bernedoodle every 2 to 3 days.

Visit your local pet groomer every six to eight weeks. This can keep your Mini Bernedoodles coat in great shape. 

Your mini bernedoodle will probably enjoy being brushed, brushing can help you develop a better relationship with your pet.  Brushing also keeps your Mini Bernedoodle’s coat clean and unmatted.

How to avoid matting of your mini bernedoodles coat

If you don’t brush your Bernedoodle’s coat on a regular basis, the hair will clump together. This is what is referred to as matting. Like we mentioned before, a mini-bernedoodle’s coat is prone to matting. While matting does not seem much of a problem, it can be difficult to handle for both the owner and the dog.

Mini bernedoodles have three types of coats – straight, wavy, and curly. But any coat can get matted, and this is why you should brush them regularly.  If not taken care of, severe matting can cause pain and discomfort to the dog.

You should never let your dog get to this point. A groomer is the best solution for avoiding this. Getting an appointment with them regularly as your dog’s coat demands it can stop matting.

How often do I need to bath my mini-bernedoodle?

A lot of bernedoodles love the water, and getting them to bathe isn’t going to be much of a problem. The key here is to remember that bathing them too much can ruin the protective oils on their coat.

These natural oils are what keep a mini Bernedoodle’s coat shiny, healthy, and free from matting. A good rule of thumb is to bathe your mini Bernedoodle once every three months or so.  Remember to only use shampoos and conditioners that are recommended by your groomer.

To summarize –

● Brush your mini bernedoodle at least four times a week.

● Take them to a professional groomer once every 6 to 8 weeks.

● During summers, don’t be afraid to trim their hair. This is best done after a bath.

● Bathing should be done once every two or three months, depending on how dirty they are.

● Use only pet-safe products while grooming them.

Mini Bernedoodles General Health and Wellness
What can I do to keep my mini-bernedoodle healthy?

Make sure your mini bernedoodle gets plenty of excercise.  Mini Bernedoodles are active dogs, so they need frequent play and exercise. Try to walk them each day, let them run at dog parks and play with them inside.

Visits to dog parks can be a wonderful way for your pup to burn off some extra energy and improve their social skills at the same time. This will be both a physically and mentally enriching experience for them.  If you’re walking them in the middle of summer and it’s very hot,  remember to shorten the walk and take along some water so that you can give them a drink now and then.


To summarize –

      Mini bernedoodles are generally robust, healthy dogs

      They have fewer chances of exhibiting genetic issues from their parents – Bernese Mountain dogs and poodles.

      They are active dogs and need their exercise.

      They don’t do well in hot weather; remember to give them adequate water.    



We hope these have given you some insights into Mini Bernedoodles and their needs.  They are great dogs to own and will give you lots of love for years to come!

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