Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

10 Mini Bernedoodle Facts

Puppies are cute regardless of their breed, but Mini Bernedoodle puppies are just that little extra. This playful little tyke is sure to draw people out of their shells. They have amazing personalities and are great companions for all ages.

Here are facts about Bernedoodle puppies that you might want to know.


1. Mini Bernedoodles are a Young Breed

Bernedoodles were first bred around 2003 . This is a young breed that that not many people know about. Mini Bernedoodles are quickly becoming a favorite.  Mini Bernedoodles are easy to live with and care for, and their unique coat and bright eyes are easy to recognize.

Most people have only good things to say about their Bernedoodles. They are friendly dogs and are good with children, and they have great temperaments and are a joy to have around the house.

2. Mini Bernedoodles Come in Different Colors

Mini Bernedoodles come in various colors, their coats may be a combination of colors including black, white, gray and brown.  This unique coloring flows from their Bernese Mountain Dog heritage.

Mini Bernedoodles may be tri-colored or have one or two colors but their look in unmistakable.  They have markings that are unique to each dog, and sometimes they even display a speckled coat.

3. Different Types of Coats

Bernedoodles have various coats, and people should learn to choose the right one for their needs. They are all basically differentiated by the amount of curliness they have. A straight coat has a slightly wavy texture and may shed more than the other two varieties.

Wavy coats are the most common.  These don’t shed very little.  They are also easier to handle for people with allergies.  The last type is the curly coat which sheds the least. This is a great option for people who are extremely allergic to dander.

4. Puppies are Playful and Inquisitive

A Mini Bernedoodle puppy is playful and very curious.  They love to explore both inside and out of doors. 

They have extremely soft coats, which makes falling in love at first sight easy. And since they’re friendly to new people, they make great companions wherever you are.  Each mini bernedoodle has a unique temperament – we’ll help you find the right fit for your family.  

5. Wonderful Service Dogs

Service or therapy dogs are more than just pets; and they actually help save the lives of people that depend on them. Mini Bernedoodles are perfectly suited to this role because of their high intelligence and sensitivity. This breed of dog can sense and respond to emergencies.

Bernedoodles are low maintenance and bond with their owners. This makes them a great choice for people with life-threatening conditions. They love companionship and make absolutely great service dogs.

6. Mini Bernedoodle Puppies are Active

If you’re looking for a puppy that lounges around the house all day, Mini Bernedoodles probably aren’t a good fit.  Mini Bernedoodle puppies are always active and moving about, and you need to make sure they have plenty of opportunities for play.

Considering their Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog heritage, they need their playtime. It doesn’t have to be rigorous or high-impact, you could just finish with half an hour of fetch in your backyard. They enjoy games and the attention that they get along with it.

7. Bernedoodles Come in Different Sizes

We specialize in Mini Bernedoodles and Toy Bernedoodles.  There are a lot of variations in sizes for Bernedoodle puppies.  While they start small, they can either grow to standard, mini, or micro (we call them toys). The smaller dogs are great for people who are living in condos or apartments.

They require less maintenance and grooming.  Mini Bernedoodles may be better suited to condo or apartment living than their full-sized counterparts – but you need to keep them active regardless. Even the toy-sized Bernedoodles love to play around, and you should ensure they get enough exercise.

8. Mini Bernedoodle Grooming

Mini Bernedoodles are easier to groom then many other breeds. Their low-shed coats keep your floors and furniture fur-free.  They have a great track record of being easy to live with, especially for people who have allergies. If you’re someone with an allergy to pet dander they may be the right pet for you.

The curly coat Mini Bernedoodles are easier to maintain as they don’t shed as much. They can be ideal in a smaller setting where you don’t have much space to groom them. That said, regular grooming and trips to the pet salan are a must and they do need to be brushed to avoid mats.

9. Thrive on Attention

Mini Bernedoodles love to be with people, and they become restless when they don’t have company. This is something to think about when you’re getting a dog. 

These are breeds that have separation anxiety.  Even though they are a happy breed, long periods away from you will adversely affect their mental health. This can result in loss of appetite or them moping about the house.

10. Mini Bernedoodles are Comfortable with Smaller Spaces

Mini Bernedoodles can adjust to smaller spaces.  Though they have a history of being out in the open, they can live with people in slightly bigger apartments.

The most important thing to note is their need for exercise and going outdoors.  They need to feel the air on their face and interact with the outside world.   They are inquisitive, friendly and enjoy their time outdoors, even on a leash.

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