Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Mini Bernedoodle Puppies

Family raised by Brian and Laura Sheets

Why A Mini Bernedoodle Might be A Good Fit for You

1. Easy Going Temperament

Mini Bernedoodles are known to be one of the easiest dogs to live with temperamentally.   They are gentle with people and great with kids. They have the happy-go-lucky charm of their Bernese Mountain Dog ancestry.  They love to cuddle and play well with people of all ages.

They come in different colors and coat varieties but have the same easy-going temperament regardless.  While the males may be a bit more playfully stubborn, it’s nothing to worry about.  They adapt to new living spaces and people easily, and with practice,  you’ll have no problem taking them around town as well.

They are very loyal and love to be around people. This is one reason why you shouldn’t leave them alone for a long time.  While they can be a bit mischievous when they’re puppies, they mello and mature with age.

2. Mini Bernedoodles are Intelligent
Mini Bernedoodles love to learn and are curious about their surroundings. They are very intelligent and respond to training quickly. As part of their Bernese Mountain Dog heritage, their mental makeup includes concentrating on getting important tasks done. This can manifest itself in ways that owners sometimes don’t understand, like digging and chewing.    Providing chew toys and daily play can help you can help reduce unwanted behavior. They can also get bored without enough exercise, so you need to make time for them throughout the day.  They need mental and physical exercise, so walks are great for stretching their legs and satisfying their curious nature.
3. Generally Robust Health

Mini Bernedoodles are less prone to the genetic challenges of either the Bernese Mountain dogs or Poodles.  The combination of these two breeds makes them a bit more robust and resilient.

You are more likely to avoid health issues by buying from a reputed dog breeder.  Good dog breeders invest a lot of money to find the healthiest dogs to breed.  We also give the new puppies top notch health care.  This considerably lowers the chances of the dogs having problems down the road.

4. First Time Owners

People tend to be nervous when looking for a dog if they haven’t had one before.  This is natural and definitely something to be concerned with as some dogs are a bit of a challenge.

Mini Bernedoodle’s smaller stature makes them a good fit for many homes and their intelligence and desire to please means training can start early.

Another thing to note is that they don’t shed as much as other dogs, making them a great choice for people who have allergies to pet dander. Allergies are often a concern – Mini Bernedoodles are a great option in that case.

5. Sensitive to People

Some dogs tend to be aloof and independent; that’s something in their nature. But Mini Bernedoodles are far from it.  They love human company, and they are playful around people they know.  You can also introduce them to new people without any fear.

Bernedoodles are particularly affectionate towards family.  They quickly sense family bonds between people and respond. They tend to become mello and, as a breed, are not aggressive.   So it’s a great dog to have around company

6. Friendly with Kids

If your pup will be around kids,  a Mini Bernedoodle is a great option.  It is a sensitive dog, and interacts well with children.  Some younger children tend to be a bit forceful when it comes to petting and hugs, and Bernedoodles tend to be unbothered by all of the affection.

Some kids tend to be more active and noisy than others.  Most of the time, a Mini Bernedoodle will just ignore this kind of behavior from children.  This makes them a good choice for those seeking kid-friendly dogs.   That said, you should always make sure that they are trained and well socialized.    A well-trained dog is even safer around kids.

7. Less Aggressive to Other Dogs

Many people think that if a dog is friendly to people, it will be friendly with other dogs.   Happily, this is oftern the case with Mini Bernedoodles.   This means less drama on your daily walk and fun afternoons at your local dog park.

This isn’t just a breed-dependent factor, but Mini Bernedoodles are typically very friendly, so it helps.   As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to bring out the best nature in your dog.   Make sure that it meets other dogs from a young age.   This can significantly improve behavior around other dogs.

8. Very Playful and Active

Dogs that are moody or refuse to play can be frustrating this is something that we rarely see with mini bernedoodles.  They are generally easy-going dogs and enjoy being around people.  They really love games like fetch and are typically active dogs.

Due to their Bernese Mountain Dog heritage, they tend to be a bit mouthy (soft biting tendencies). But this is nothing to be alarmed about. Give them a good toy to chew on plenty of attention to reduce this behavior.

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